Conditions of Participation

ZAMORA (Spain) 15-18 SEPTEMBER 2022

Who can participate?

Producers of cheese and dairy products with valid health authorisations to carry out the activity of production and sale.

20% of the stands will be reserved for non-dairy agri-food producers from the province of Zamora.

Characteristics of stands and conditions of participation

  1. The organisers will provide participants with a 5m2 modular stand at a unit cost of 320€ (+ taxes) until 15/03/2022 and 400€ (+ taxes) from 15/03/2022 onwards, which will include signage (up to 20 characters), a light point and a plug. The stand will be lockable so that the product can remain inside during the times when the fair is not open.
  2. If necessary, there will be the possibility of renting a refrigerated display to be installed in the stand.
  3. Each exhibitor may reserve more than one adjoining stand, the cost of which shall be calculated by multiplying the unit cost by the number of stands reserved.
  4. The fair will have its own image so that exhibitors are not allowed to incorporate signs, anagrams or posters on the outside of the stand, unless expressly authorised by the organisers. Each exhibitor may display their image, logo, brand, signs, etc. inside their stand.
  5. It is forbidden to paint, nail or use glues and adhesives on the panels and profiles of the stands. In the event of damage caused by non-compliance with this rule, the organisers reserve the right to claim the cost of repairing the damage caused from the exhibitor.
  6. The opening hours of the fair shall be from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm uninterruptedly, so that exhibitors are obliged to keep their stands open and open to the public throughout the day. Stalls may be supplied between 8:00 am and 10:00 am and between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The organisers will have refrigerated warehouses for the storage of refrigerated products at the disposal of the participants. The quantity of product to be stored and whether the exhibitor requires this service shall be indicated on the registration form.
  7. Stall assembly will take place on 14th September between 16:00 h and 22:00 h, while dismantling will take place on 19th September from 8:00 h to 19:00 h.
  8. The participating stands will be located in urban spaces in the city of Zamora set aside for this purpose. The distribution of exhibitors will be the responsibility of the organisers. Each exhibitor will be informed of the definitive location on 1 September 2022.
  9. Participating exhibitors may only sell cheese or other dairy products, but not other unrelated products.
  10. Participating exhibitors may offer their products for tasting to those attending the fair exclusively free of charge. Products for sale shall be offered suitably packaged and labelled.
  11. The presence of scales or weighing instruments on the stands is prohibited during fair hours, so that sales will be made at the price marked in advance at a fixed price per piece. Each exhibitor shall be obliged to have a list of retail prices visible at the stand or, where appropriate, the prices of each of the products.
  12. Each exhibitor shall receive an accreditation from the organisers which must be visibly displayed during the fair.
  13. A catering service will be available to participating exhibitors which, with prior reservation and at an additional cost, will be able to deliver the requested menu to the stand.
  14. The organisers will provide a cleaning service which will collect the waste generated by each exhibitor on each day of the fair. For this purpose, each day, once the sales hours have ended, deposit points will be set up.

Dates of interest and registration conditions

Registration until 15 March 2022: -20% discount (Final price per 5m2 stand: 320€ + VAT).

Registrations from 15 March 2022: Final fee per 5m2 stand: €400 + VAT.

Deadline for receiving registrations 30 June 2022.

Deadline for cancellation of stand reservation 15 August 2022.

60% of the amount paid will be refunded. In the event of cancellation after this date, the exhibitor will forfeit the full amount of the registration fee.

Admission will be in strict order of registration, although admission may be revoked by the organisers in the event that the exhibitor does not comply with the participation requirements.

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