Zamora. Spain

Zamora is located in the northwest of the Península Ibérica, just 255 km from Madrid on the A-6; 64 km from Salamanca on the A-66, with Benavente 68 km and Leon 140 km to the north on the same motorway; 100 km from Valladolid on the A-11 and 100 km from the Portuguese city of Bragança on the N-122. Its strategic geographical location, a crossroads on the Silver Route, and the quality of its tourist and cultural offer make Zamora a special place.

It is a beautiful, peaceful and very walkable city. With its 66,000 inhabitants, it can boast of being a small city but big in history, culture and heritage.

A destination that has very good heritage resources. The best urban Romanesque architecture in the peninsula with more than twenty buildings of this type. The Duero, the great river of Castile and Portugal presiding over the city and Zamora's iconic tourist landmark. The cathedral and its gothic dome... the delicate modernist touch, the great medieval legacy with countless characters, stories and legends, Dª Urraca, King Alfonso VI, El Cid Campeador or the Siege of Zamora and next to them, the recently inaugurated Castle of Zamora and the Baltasar Lobo Museum, uniting history and art as a whole.

A historic, safe, welcoming city, open to the experience of visitors but with a modern atmosphere and services.

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